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MyGenostics aims to employ GenCap enrichment plus next-generation-sequencing technology to provide accurate, efficient genetic service to provide reliable result to assist clinicians and scientific researchers in their work. The diagram below is the experiment overview of the workflow.


Target region related genes were selected in the panel. The biotinylated 100mer probes were designed to tile along the exons of the genes. Samples were prepared as an Illumina sequencing library, and in the second step, the sequencing libraries were enriched for the target region related genes using the MyGenostics Target Region Enrichment protocol. The captured libraries were sequenced using Illumina HiSeq 2500 Sequencer or NextSeq 500 sequencer.

Experiment Procedure


Data Analysis Pipeline


GencapTM Specialized Enrichment
Disease or Pathway Genes
Our ready-made kits are expertly designed to enrich popular Human target genes involved in cancer, neonatal genetic disease screening, mitochondria deep sequencing, deafness, the kinome and the X-chromosome. 

Translocation Breakpoints
Target enrichment and sequencing allows identification of the exact translocation breakpoint for ALK-EML4, TMPRSS2-ERG, VDJ and TCR recombination, Sarcoma fusions and more. Try our kits or our full sequencing service to achieve the highest resolution. 

SNP Genotyping
Sequence-based SNP genotyping has considerable advantages over other methods. Our proprietary capture technology allows high-throughput reverse strand confirmation. Use our kits or our full sequencing service to enhance your SNP detection. 

Chromosomal Loci
Quickly bring your GWAS to single base pair resolution by enriching and sequencing large chromosomal regions. Design a custom kit or try our services to narrow down the disease causing SNP.