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Automated NGS Library Preparation System




Integrated Library preparation, Purification & Capture | Operate independently in an Automated-Enclosed system with Multi-connection




Pre-closed Reagent kit, operate with the sample independently


②Easy operation

User-friendly, complete the whole process of library and capture automatically


③Open system

Accord with most brand of library construction and capture reagents


④Precise & Reliable

High-precision pipetting and temperature monitor to ensure more accurate and reliable results


⑤Low cost

Save labor costs



Automated NGS Library Preparation System (ELPS-01)


Automated NGS Library Preparation System (ELPS-01) developed by MyGenostics Inc. is used for library preparation and target capture before high-throughput sequencing (NGS). The system program is designed based on the standard production procedure, it supports personalized programming and combination, easy operation with the matching pre-closed reagent kit automatically completes library preparation, purification, capture and gene quantification in a closed system. With its advantage of highly integrated tedious and complicated processes and large-scale liberation of experimental manpower and space, ELPS-01 is widely used in genetic disease detection, tumor screening, pathogenic microorganism detection, NIPT and other NGS gene detection projects.


Technical Parameters

Product Name

Automated NGS Library Preparation System ELPS-01

Power Supply

AC 220V,50Hz,1000VA



Net Weight



1 sample in each machine, supporting system multi-connection


20μL-100μL, Precision for 20μL8%, for 100μL 3%


PCR: 4℃-100℃;  Refrigerated area: 2℃-8℃  Accuracy 0.5℃

Temp. Variation rate

50-90 heating 2.5/s;  90-50 cooling 2.0/s

Experiment duration

Library preparation 3hrs, Quick Capture 6hrs


ELPS-01 Automated Library Preparation System software





Product Feature

Sample In, library out

Less manpower, less experiment space

Easy operation, every operator can be an expert


UV protection, disinfect whole space

Protect sample and operator


20-100μL precise pipetting

Ensure stable and repeatable result


Pre-closed reagent kit,

Whole process highly integrated,

Ready to use, one-stop reaction


Super magnetic module,

Quick adsorption for maximize sample concentration


One set of software connect with several machines, flexibly customize the throughput,

Independent running, ready for sample at any time


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