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Nucleic acid extraction system MNE-32-01


The instrument is high-technology product designed to extract nucleic acid by taking advantage of magnetic beads, which have high degree of automation, fast extraction speed and stable results, and used 96 deep well plates to deal with 1-32 samples simultaneously.

It takes advantage of magnetic bar to move magnetic particle from one well to another, and then fast mixes liquid though the outer tip comb to mix them well. After cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing and elution, the users will get high purity nucleic acids finally.



Touch screen operation: Large-screen, full-color display, touching control and easy to operate.
Accurate Control: Work without connecting to PC, stand-alone design
saves more space and energy, and provides higher stability.
Temperature Control: User-defined temperature for lysis and elution.
Free Programming: Flexible and efficient to meet the demands of different reagents.
Rapid Extraction: Single experiment costs 30-60 minutes with
relevant reagents. High throughput and 32 samples are extracted simultaneously.
Extraction Efficiency: According to optimized purification scheme of
reagents, you can choose the precise incubation time, achieve higher extraction efficiency, extract higher DNA / RNA which can be directly used for PCR or RT-PCR.

Technical Characteristics:
Volume: 50uL-800µl
Sample: 1-32
Magnetic Beads Recycling Efficiency: ≥ 95%
Plate Type: 96 deep well plates (50–800 µl*)
Purification Accuracy between Well: CV≤10%
Magnetic Rods: 32
Mixing Mode: Optional multi-mode and multi-gear for mixing
Reagents Category: Open reagents of magnetic beads

Operation Interface: 5-inch color LCD and touch screen
Program Manager: Users may create, edit or delete programs as
experiment requires
UV Irradiation: Available
Extraction Time: 30-60 minutes/each (determined by the reagents)

Product Specifications

 Ambient temperature: 540;

 Relative humidity: 50%80%;

 Atmospheric pressure: 75kPa106kPa
power supply: AC 110~240V,50Hz/60Hz, 350VA.
Size (mm): 362 × 385× 407
Weight (Kg): 20


nucleic acid extraction system is widely used in various fields such as environmental microbial testing, food safety testing, blood transfusion safety, forensic medicine identification, disease control centers, clinical disease diagnosis, biological research, and animal husbandry. The instrument can more effectively extract DNA or RNA samples from plant and animal tissue, blood, body fluids with multi-types of magnetic beads.