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Automated liquid handler MGN-SIRO-6000

Persistent infection with HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. Therefore, large-scale HPV population screening has become an important prevention and treatment method to quickly identify and help infected people receive timely and effective treatment. In 2021, the second edition of the "Guidelines for Screening and Treatment of Cervical Precancerous Lesions" released by the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly recommended HPV DNA testing as the preferred screening method. Compared with traditional HPV screening methods, HPV DNA molecular testing is simpler, the diagnosis is more objective, and it is more conducive to large-scale population screening at the grassroots level.


The automated liquid handler MGN-SIRO-6000 is a fully automatic equipment developed by MyGenostics Inc. for the sample transfer process. The four channels process four sampling tubes at one time and can independently handle the abnormality of any single tube. It is compatible with blood, DNA, nasopharyngeal swabs and other sample tubes. With a single effective pipetting range of 1μL-1000μL, it shines in process applications such as blood cupping, DNA aspiration, transfer, reagent dispensing, and library loading. The equipment supports the loading of original HPV sample collection tubes with caps, and automatically completes the entire process of HPV sample tube scanning and positioning, decapping, pipetting, and recapping. Real-time information transmission realizes automated information management, meeting the requirements of one-click full automation, high efficiency and high efficiency. Laboratory requirements for throughput, safety and pollution prevention can be widely used in disease control centers, hospitals, third-party testing institutions, emergency quarantine (mobile shelters, mobile testing vehicles) and other places.




Product advantages

Fast: four-channel independent sampling robot arm

Accurate: Pipetting comes with liquid level detection, and the AI optical system monitors the entire process for precise pipetting

Compatible: with various specifications of mainstream sampling tubes on the market (including blood collection tubes, HPV sample tubes), centrifuge tubes, and deep well plates

Safety: Built-in negative pressure filtration system and UV sterilization device to effectively prevent aerosol pollution

Intelligence: Automatically scan the code to locate the sample addition location and connect to the laboratory management system

Simple: Built-in 10.2" display screen, humanized operation interface, video teaching guidance


Automation: Flexibly define full-process automation of running processes, reducing manual errors and interference



Technical Characteristics

Automated Liquid Handler MGN-SIRO-6000

Pipetting Head

Full auto pipetting 4 heads

Abnormal prompts

sound and red light alarm prompts

Dimensions (W x D x H)



Customized program is available




UV sterilization


AC 100V-240V50/60 Hz


Anti-pollution function

Exhaust air HEPA filtration level H13 (EN18822), filtration efficiency 99.99%


1-192 samples for optional

Volume Range



HVP sample tubes, blood collection tubes, centrifuge tubes etc.


MGN-SIRO-6000 softwareV1





















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